Friday (lyrics)

I love days off fridays I care when she’s around
get more time than for a cup of coffee or move up and down
She’s a daughter of May it’s needless to say I love her
it’s so hard to me to move sometimes but I’ve got to be there

No matter whether the day is clear or grey
as long as she is with me here to stay

Don’t miss me when I am gone I’ll be back soon
I’m lying in your bed until afternoon
a Friday in my life a Friday in my life
baby tonight it’s only you and me
how can every day just can be
a Friday in life a Friday in my life

I’m longing for Monday weekend hasn’t even begun
people say that I am crazy  can’t await work is done
Many styles many faces I took with me to all places
I’ve been one lovely picture in my mind from a place once she’s been

No matter whether the day …

Monday till Thursday everything’s in line the clock runs too fast I’d like to have more time 
Salty butter in the morning is crowning my boring breakfast but the flavor I really need is only the one I guess 
No matter whether the day …