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Seven Days

7Days, CD-Cover

Seven Days is my first solo album with songs that I wrote over the last years. One song even dates back to my first band I founded as I was 14 years old. Even though my music style changed over the recent past, I felt to put this old song on the CD.
“Seven Days” was released on July 2012 and is available on amazon

The song that gave the CD the name was written during a holiday with friends in France. For the background vocals I got support by my current band “Die Igels”. The songs was so fascinating for me, that it drives me continuesly to work on the CD.
I spent a lot of time on writing and composing the songs. For “Seven Days” the term solo-CD is meant literally. Beside the creation of the songs I arranged and produced them in my own studio. Almost every tune was recorded by myself. I even did the booklet for the CD.

Tyrone Project

Former members of the band Tyrone kept running the spirit of the band that split up in 1992, by founding a new band Tyrone Project. During their study in universities spread all over south Germany the musician were led by the idea to record a CD. The Songs were written by different members and arranged by the whole band. It was a big effort to organize and release this collection of songs.

After recording Masquerade many song ideas have left and for many reasons couldn’t find their place on the CD. Twenty One offered a new field for musical creativity. Recorded in the same studio than Masquerade three further Songs have been produced as a next logical step after Masquerade